About Us

Who we are

BASE Sports Group assists and develops the growth of organizations starting with their sponsorship and marketing rights. We help ensure that our clients activation rights aid in the success of a company’s bottom line.

Our staff’s background allows us to connect with the surrounding communities while adding additional revenue streams to the groups we work with. We will explore the current market, evaluate all opportunities, and leverage our relationships to maximize the return for our clients, at little to no risk to the groups we work with.  Our team has years of experience building and cultivating marketing plans and sponsorship opportunities.  Our ability to tie in analytics, proof of performance measurement tools, and other key indicators provides us an opportunity to tell a better story.  This story has proven to transcend a higher return in dollars spent and return on investment of those said dollars.

We are a full-service organization that aims to reduce costs, time and effort of the parties we work with, while increasing their brand perception and incoming revenues.

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