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Breaking Records and Building Dreams: The Explosive Growth of Run 4 Roses Basketball Tournament

Key Takeaways:

  • Run 4 Roses will generate $17.72 million in 2023
  • Over 15,000 athletes from 47 states and five countries were at Run 4 Roses in 2022
  • Run 4 Roses championship game will be broadcast on ESPN+ and ESPNU
  • Run 4 Roses was named “Best Amateur Sports Event 2022” in SportsTravel Magazine
  • 1,200+ college coaches will be at Run 4 Roses 2023

29 to over 2,000 teams. $<10,000 to over $17.72 million in revenue. 

These are just a few measures of how much TFN’s Run 4 Roses has grown since its opening in 2009 in Louisville, Kentucky. As the largest female-exposure basketball tournament in the United States, Run 4 Roses brings elite female basketball players from all over the world to show off their skills to thousands of college coaches in one of the largest sports facilities in Kentucky.

Run 4 Roses is breaking records across the board, leading to its extremely loyal consumer base. To name a few, it was announced the winner of Best Amateur Sports Event in SportsTravel Magazine in 2022, Run 4 Roses 2023 will have a record attendance of over 1,200 college coaches, and over 2,000 teams (over 15,000 athletes) were registered four months before the start of the event (this number is expected to rise as the event grows nearer). 

They also have the most wooden courts in girls’ grassroots basketball tournament history under one roof; there will be 80+ Run 4 Roses wooden courts in 2023 at the Kentucky Exposition Center. This format of event space is crucially beneficial for athletes, their families, and sponsoring brands: “In other locations, teams are forced to navigate between different venues scattered throughout the city but in Louisville and the Kentucky Exposition Center, we can fit a record-breaking tournament under one single roof” says David S. Beck, president, and CEO of Kentucky Venues.

Run 4 Roses, in 2022, attracted athletes and coaches from 47 states and five countries representing North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. This number is expected to grow come 2023 as Run 4 Roses has broken their previous attendance record to be Rob Angione, a coach from London Ontario Canada, noted that Run 4 Roses is worth it; “It’s worth the time, it’s worth the logistics, it’s worth the money… it’s on our calendar every year and will be [moving forward].”

Their unmeasurable growth is reflected in their loyal consumer base. Run 4 Roses is backed up by dozens of sports professionals as the “best” tournament in the country:

“Listen, if you want to come to a tournament of all tournaments, come to Run 4 Roses,” says Bob Scalabrine, past NBA Champion. 

“It’s just reflective of how big girls’ basketball is growing.” – Ari Chambers, WNBA, and NCAA women’s basketball reporter

Sports media has also taken note of the rising popularity of girls’ youth basketball. ESPN+ and ESPNU will be broadcasting the Run 4 Roses championship game, extending the reach of the tournament by the millions.

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