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Home Runs and Community Impact: 31st Ronald McDonald Softball Tournament Unites Elite Teams and Generous Supporters

Key Takeaways:

  • Ronald McDonald Tournament will have 16,200 attendees, among them being 250+ softball teams, dozens of college coaches, and thousands of spectators.
  • Over 30 years, the Ronald McDonald Tournament has raised $700,000 in donations to the Ronald McDonald House in Houston, TX. 
  • 72% of households who attended the Ronald McDonald Tournament in 2022 had an annual income of over $100,000. These attendees are eager to engage with onsite activations from sponsors. 

250+ softball teams between the ages of 16U and 18U will be swinging away at the 31st Ronald McDonald softball tournament in Texas this October. The 16,200 attendees encompass the athletes, spectators, and college coaches who are looking to recruit their next best talent. 

Jonathan Lampl, the director of the Ronald McDonald Tournament and a TCS employee noted that “We take a lot of pride in providing a meaningful setting so colleges and clubs can accomplish their goals. There’s a lot of stress and pressure with recruiting, and it’s great to help student-athletes get real clarity on getting to the next level. To have almost 300 teams put us on the calendar, especially after all the COVID-19 disruptions, is a sign that club teams are convinced of the value in getting involved.” The 250+ teams in attendance in 2023 are among the top club teams in the country: “The event is nationally known and brings in a variety of talent from all over the country. This event has helped me recruit various student-athletes that have chosen to come and play at my institution,” says Maria Winn, head coach at Galveston College in Texas. 

What makes the Ronald McDonald Tournament a standout among other tournaments is its commitment to impacting the larger community. Over 30 years, the Ronald McDonald Tournament has blossomed from a modest Texas fastpitch gathering to an event that has donated more than $700,000 to the Ronald McDonald House charity in Houston, TX. Each team donates $100 and 10% of vendor revenue in T-shirt sales goes to the Ronald McDonald House. The total donation amount in 2022 was a total of $30,000. 

Among the 16,200 in attendance, thousands of these individuals are spectators. These spectators are ready and willing to invest in their softball player’s success. A BASE 2022 survey of the Ronald McDonald event with hundreds of respondents found that 93% of those surveyed were also married, while 43% were between the ages of 36-45. 72% of households at the event also had an annual income of over $100,000. The average amount of time spent on site for these families was 5.4 hours per day. They engaged in food, merchandise, and equipment onsite activation. They want to see more sampling, giving back, and “chance 2 win” activations from brand partners at the event. 

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