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The Diamond in the Rockies: “Colorado 4th of July” is the Biggest Softball Tournament in the USA

Key Takeaways:

  • Colorado 4th of July will have 20,000 athletes cheered on by 25,000 spectators and 500+ college coaches
  • The event will generate $12.5 million in revenue for local businesses and partners
  • 66% of BASE consumers have an average household income of >$100k
  • 85% of families say they are more likely to consider sponsors who support events young athletes play in.

48,600 attendees will be in Denver Metro, CO for the largest softball tournament in the nation (Colorado 4th of July) this summer. Over 1,000 teams, 500+ college coaches, and 20,000+ athletes will be present, along with ~25,000 friends and family members.

The sheer number of individuals in attendance at this event will generate $12.5 million dollars in revenue for partnered brands and local businesses; the almost 50,000 attendees will be eating at local restaurants, buying items for travel, purchasing goods and services to boost their children’s performance, and elevating their own gameday experience through engaging with onsite partners.

Families and coaches of youth athletes are devoted, loyal customers who pride themselves in returning to events year after year in support of their child’s athletic career. One coach in Texas notes his extensive engagement in Colorado 4th of July and the positive experience it gives for his young athletes: “We have played in the Colorado 4th of July event for many years. Every year the event gets better and better, and we could not be more thrilled with the college coach’s attendance. Our players look forward to playing that tournament as much as any we play all year.” — Scott Smith, Texas Bombers 

Staphanie Klaviter, Tournament Director for Triple Crown Sports called attention to the fact that attendees “will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars at our events.” Further, a BASE survey found that 66% of the 1,000+ parents who attended Colorado 4th of July have an annual household income of over $100,000. This is compared to the national average of just over $70,000. 

Parents are eager to support brands that support their children and activate at their child’s events. In a BASE survey for the Colorado 4th of July, 85% of families said they are more likely to consider sponsors who support events the young athletes play in. This is compared to 14% saying they would consider sponsors for college athletes/teams, and just 1% saying their consideration for sponsors of pro athletes/teams. Overwhelmingly, respondents state they are more likely to appraise sponsors who support where they, and their family, train and compete than sponsors for more traditional sport sponsorship platforms.

BASE connects brands with the communities – moms, dads, coaches, athletes, college scouts, trainers, administrators, etc. – that make up the grassroots sports market. Managing the sponsorship rights of amateur sports organizations, BASE delivers unique and valuable experiences for brands, operators, and – most importantly – athletes.

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