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FiveTool Unleashing Baseball’s Ultimate Talent

A Five-Tool Player: “The rare player that excels at all five of the major physical tools (speed, throwing, fielding, hitting for average, and hitting for power).” This is what FiveTool represents. Boasting over 850,000 followers across their multiple social media platforms, FiveTool has helped tens of thousands of baseball players compete at the collegiate level. Specializing in baseball showcases, tournaments, leagues, etc. BASE is proud to partner with Five Tool and assist them in their mission of showcasing the best talent in pre-collegiate baseball. 

Based out of Keller, TX, FiveTool hosts local teams who seek exposure for their players. They do this throughout the country as they are located in 19 states with regional directors. This model has been created to minimize the rising costs that are becoming more normal in youth sports in the United States. 1 in 4 families spends over $500/month on their children(s)’ youth sports career, which has given rise to the industry’s growth as a whole. FiveTool’s goal is to minimize part of these costs by offering supreme baseball events on a regional scale. On top of their many regions, FiveTool also has FiveTool International which highlights all international prospects. There is also FiveTool JUCO (junior college players, FiveTool Academics (high academic players), and FiveTool Collegiate (college players focusing on FiveTool Collegiate Leagues). 

“The goal [of FiveTool] is to provide events that allow the player to showcase their abilities and do so in a manner that is friendly to the college recruiters and professional scouts while allowing the clubs to maintain fiscal responsibility to their members,” says Lynn Van Landingham, Owner of FiveTool. Created in 2013, FiveTool’s media presence has sky-rocketed due to its loyalty to its mission. Their highlight is almost exclusively player highlights. This is engaging to college recruiters, the athletes themselves, other baseball players, and any sports enthusiast who enjoys following sports on the media. BASE’s partner, FiveTool, has an astounding reach to a variety of audiences through its high online presence and engaging content.

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