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Lost Nation Ohio: The Ultimate Sports Destination for All Ages

Key Takeaways:

  • Lost Nation facilities are the top family sports and recreational facilities in Northeast Ohio 
  • 13 acres of outdoor space and 100,000 sq ft of indoor sports facilities across both Lost Nation locations
  • 1 million in foot traffic every year across both Lost Nation locations
  • Lost Nation Ohio offers 8 types of adult sports programs and 14 types of youth programs
  • The Player’s Club is one of the most coveted parts of Lost Nation Sports Park

Across Lost Nation Ohio’s two locations (Lost Nation East and Lost Nation West), 13 acres of outdoor sports fields and 100,000 sq ft of indoor sports facilities generate hundreds of 1 million visitors each year. Lost Nation facilities are the top family sports and recreational facilities in Northeast Ohio. 

Lost Nation East boasts an impressive 80,000 sq foot indoor complex comprised of basketball courts, volleyball courts, batting cages, and Cleveland’s largest virtual reality indoor golf complex. Its 13-acre outdoor soccer complex contains six regulation-size fields. Lost Nation West hosts a multitude of complexes as well, some being the four regulation-size volleyball courts, two new, full-sized basketball courts, 20,000 feet of turf for indoor soccer, a fully automated batting cage, and a turf mini-field for sports training/youth programs. 

Part of Lost Nation Ohio’s success comes from its wide variety of program offerings for both adults and children. For adults, Lost Nation Ohio offers flag football, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, Zumba, indoor golf (virtual reality), and different tournaments through adult leagues. Programs for children include two basketball programs, six soccer programs, one football camp and one flag football camp, a baseball/softball program, and a “Fit Zone” where youngsters can increase their speed and conditioning for all sports they participate in.

A restaurant area with the perfect view of fields/courts, The Player’s Club at Lost Nation allows those who aren’t on the court or field to create memories in an energizing atmosphere. Zachary Bond, a new manager of the Player’s Club, notes that “When you go to a sporting event at the club lounge, you get the sporting event plus food and beverages as an amenity… That’s what we want to do. We want to perform at a level that we can provide the best service for people who are already there and also be a free-standing restaurant where the product is unique, the atmosphere’s good, and the staff is friendly and energetic.” 

The sponsorship opportunities at both Lost Nation Ohio facilities are abundant. At high-traffic sporting events hosted at any Lost Nation sports park, sponsors can activate in person through booths or tables to interact directly with customers. Further, if a sponsor chooses to sponsor one of the various leagues or tournaments hosted through Lost Nation Ohio, they are prominently featured on both physical and digital strategic assets. Current and previous sponsors of Lost Nation Ohio have activated through permanent signage on scoreboards, soccer dasher boards, and boards at basketball courts and baseball fields. At the renowned Players Club, sponsors activate through advertising on TVs throughout the club, and all TV’s in the concourses.

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