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Omaha SlumpBuster: America’s Largest Youth Baseball Event with National Reach and Brand Appeal

Key Takeaways:

  • 35,000 attendees, 11,000 players, 670+ teams, and 40 states will be represented at the 2023 Omaha SlumpBuster
  • Omaha SlumpBuster is the largest youth baseball tournament in the nation
  • “Festival Night” is one of Omaha SlumpBuster’s biggest attractions for brands and the general public

35,000 attendees, 11,000 players, 670+ teams, and 40 states represented.

The Omaha SlumpBuster is the largest youth baseball event in the United States. Hosting athletes in the 9u-14u range, it has seen steady growth among participants in its 21 years.

In 2003 there were 34 teams from 5 states. 2013 had 421 teams from 32 states, 2017 had 508 teams from 37 states, and 2023 will have 670+ teams representing 40 states. This steady, reliable growth can be attributed ot Triple Crown’s efforts in creating an organized event that keeps teams, and their coaches, coming back year after year:

“​​[Omaha Slumberter is] top-notch every year. This is our organization’s eighth time playing in this event.” – 11u Lobos Baseball (TX)

“After playing in the Omaha SlumpBuster in 2022, this event has become a must for all my players and parents.  Between playing teams from across the country and getting to experience the College World Series first-hand, we planned our entire 2023 summer schedule around this event” — Scott Morgan, CT Sharks

Omaha SlumpBuster also incorporates two festival nights into their week-long event. Open to parents, players, coaches, families, and the public; the festival nights are a unique event that expands the reach of the Omaha SlumpBuster outside of just baseball. Festival nights consist of inflatables, vendor rows, tournament merchandise, and “The Bonfire.” The headline of the evening; the Bonfire is an event where two 10ft wooden bats are set on fire as a ritual to “rid players of their hitting slumps;” hence, the SlumpBuster.

Among the 11,000 expected players, 24,000 friends, family members, and spectators will be coming to Omaha, Nebraska to cheer on the future all-stars. These spectators are ready and willing to invest in their baseball player’s success. A BASE 2022 survey of the Omaha Slumbsuter event with 550+ respondents found that 93% of those surveyed were also married, while 56% were between the ages of 36-45. 68% of households at the event also had an annual income of over $100,000. 

Further, 89% of respondents said they are more likely to consider sponsors who support where they, and their family train and compete, rather than sponsors who support more traditional sports platforms (the other 11% stated they would consider sponsors who support college/professional sports teams). With spectators being in a parental demographic, with high disposable income, and having a clear desire to consider brands that support the youth athletes, the Omaha SlumpBuster creates an environment where athletes, spectators, and brands can thrive.

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