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Raising the Bar: Laxin’ Out Loud Inspires Youth Athletes to Reach New Heights in Lacrosse

Key Takeaways:

  • 200+ teams, ~5,000+ athletes, 20+ college coaches will be at Laxin’ Out Loud
  • USA Lacrosse is a sanctioned tournament operator for Laxin’ Out Loud
  • Top of the Bay lacrosse, Laxin’ Out Loud’s parent company, has partnered with PRIME hydration, one of the country’s fastest-growing sports drink brands

Hosted by Top of the Bay, one of the largest and most supported lacrosse tournament organizations in the country, Laxin’ Out Loud will be a main event this summer for the sport of lacrosse. 

In late June, 200+ teams, ~5,000+ athletes, 20+ college coaches, and thousands of more spectators will be in Boyds, Maryland, for the event. In hosting a plethora of fall tournaments, summer tournaments, summer camps, recruiting events, and skill clinics, Laxin’ Out Loud is expected to create more devoted families who will attend more Top of the Bay events.

Laxin’ Out Loud’s sanctioned tournament operator is USA Lacrosse; which allows for consistent standards each year the event is hosted. This extends the positive experience for all on-site consumers, as inconsistent rules or safety regulations throughout tournaments can lead to frustration or stress from family members. Event partners or sponsors benefit directly from this effort of consistent experience as they can establish themselves as persistent brands affiliated with Top of the Bay Lacrosse and Laxin’ Out Loud; thus expanding their reach to the already loyal top fo the Bay consumers.

PRIME Hydration is also activating with Top of the Bay Lacrosse. After being labeled the “official global sports drink of the UFC,” PRIME is one of the largest sports drink brands in the market and is growing rapidly. Investing in youth sports is expected to grow its market share exponentially as youth athletes grow into loyal customers for the brand. This partnership was created directly through the efforts of BASE Sports Group.

Many youth lacrosse events are crucial in the college recruiting process, and lacrosse is the fastest-growing college sport in the USA; NCAA women’s teams grew from 238 in 2001 to 438 in 2018, and this 203% increase is expected to continue in the future. ESPN has also recently invested substantially in both women’s and men’s lacrosse through a 4-year media rights deal with the Premier Lacrosse League. Lacrosse popularity is on the rise, and brands investing in youth lacrosse players will cement them as supporters of future stars on the field.

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