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Serving Success: Triple Crown Volleyball NIT Hosts Thousands of Athletes, Spectators, and College Coaches

Key Takeaways:

  • Triple Crown NIT has 15,000+ spectators, 7,000 athletes, and 1,2000 college coaches
  • 12U-18U championship rounds are broadcasted on ESPN
  • 70% of non-athlete attendees engaged with “food, merchandise, equipment, or other partners” at 2022 Volleyball events
  • Triple Crown NIT’s growth has been consistent over nine years with 38 teams registered in 2014 to 550+ teams registered in the 2023 tournament

38 teams in 2014 → 550+ teams in 2023. Triple Crown Volleyball NIT’s growth since 2014 has been consistent year after year. Now it is one of the largest youth volleyball in the nation, boasting 7,000 athletes, 15,000+ spectators, 1,200 college coaches, and 550+ teams.

Having competitive brackets for ages 12U-18U, there is room for the best of the best to compete and show off their expertise to the over 1,000 college coaches eager to recruit their next-best talent. Ozhan Bahrambeygui, Coast 18’s Head Coach says that “The format [Triple Crown] uses is so sophisticated. It has an intersection between competition, college exposure, and player development… Every year it surpasses even the highest expectations.” The championship games for each age bracket are broadcasted on ESPN every year.

Multiple BASE partners were present at the 2023 Triple Crown Volleyball NIT. College Ave., PRIME Hydration, and Chicken N’ Pickle expanded their reach by the thousands. The athletes, coaches, and parents, engaged with our brand partners onsite, online, via social, in-app, and through custom engagement experiences.

Spotlight on PRIME Hydration’s partnership:

PRIME Hydration made its first splash in youth sports this past weekend. Handing out pallets and pallets of product, PRIME was able to get directly into the hands of its target consumer – the athletes and their parents. NIT was the first of several girls’ events PRIME will be supporting this summer; so in our post-event survey, BASE asked… “What does it mean to you to see the fastest-growing hydration company in the world invest in girls’ volleyball, and events like NIT?” Here’s some feedback we received….

“The girls were so excited to see Prime there, it made them feel special and important”

– Mom, Minnesota, 46-55, 2 children in home

“It was great to see them there giving away free samples of their product. I probably would not have tried it otherwise, and it was something I will purchase in the future.”

– Dad, Kansas, 36-45, 2 children in home

“For PRIME hydration to be invested in a girls’ sport like this is huge and could have a huge impact on more sports to come!”

– Female College Coach, Iowa, 26-35

Triple Crown also excels in great hospitality for non-athlete attendees. In the NIT, their Coaches’ Hospitality Room and Parents’ Hospitality Room are a hit. A parent noted that the Parents’ Hospitality Room was “enjoyable with bar and snacks,” while a coach noted that “the Coaches’ hospitality toom is AMAZING. The coffee, water, and snacks were so greatly appreciated.” The non-athlete attendees are also eager to engage with onsite activations from sponsors at Triple Crown Volleyball NIT. A BASE 2022 survey of thousands of attendees found that the average time on site for both families and coaches at volleyball events was 6.8 hours per day. During that time, 70% of survey respondents engaged with  “food, merchandise, equipment, or other partners” at the events.

BASE connects brands with the communities – moms, dads, coaches, athletes, college scouts, trainers, administrators, etc. – that make up the grassroots sports market. Managing the sponsorship rights of amateur sports organizations, BASE delivers unique and valuable experiences for brands, operators, and – most importantly – athletes.

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