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The Diamond in the Desert: “Arizona Spring Championship” has its Largest Attendance to Date

Key Takeaways:

  • 620+ teams will be present at the 2023 tournament, this is exponentially larger than the 344 teams at the 2021 tournament
  • The average household size of a youth baseball family is 4.27. This is compared to the national average of 2.6.
  • The average time spent on-site for a youth baseball family is 4.67 hours.
  • The youth sports market is projected to grow $58.4B from 2022 to 2026

620+ aspiring baseball teams comprised of 12,500 talented players will be supported by ~20,000 friends and family members at the Arizona Spring Championship taking place March 2 – March 26, 2023. Travel youth baseball teams in the 8u-14u classifications converge in Arizona during the magical time of year called Spring Training. Hopes are high in the Southwest as teams play on some of the premier facilities in Arizona. With the backdrop of Major League Spring Training and gorgeous weather (typically 60s at night and high 80s in the day), this event offers unique experiences for athletes and families alike.

Compared to the 344 teams at the 2021 tournament, the attendance of teams has almost doubled, as well as the number of athletes and spectators. The Arizona Spring Championship tournament has established itself as one of the greatest youth baseball events in the nation, and this growth over a two-year period is in direct correlation with the projected growth of the youth sports market. A recent study found that from 2022 to 2027, the youth sports industry is expected to grow by $58.4 billion. (2022 value as $19.2B and 2026 projected value as $77.6B).

At the Arizona Spring Championship, families will be eating at local restaurants, buying items for travel, purchasing goods and services to boost their children’s performance, and elevating their own gameday experience through engaging with onsite partners. These young athletes often bring their whole families to events. BASE found in their 2022 survey that the average youth baseball family includes 4.27 members per household, as more than 85% of parents are married and the majority have two or more children.

Games for the Triple Crown Arizona Spring Championship run from 8 am – 10 pm. This includes game-play and transition time from game to game. Athletes are playing multiple games per day – meaning both athletes and families are a uniquely captured audience. The average time on site for a youth baseball family is 4.67 hours. As the standard youth baseball game takes anywhere between one to one hour and forty-five minutes, there is a substantial amount of time families spend in these youth baseball facilities. This captured audience spends their downtime participating in interactive brand experiences, testing samples from activating brands, and purchasing merchandise and swag. 

Arizona Spring Championship is one of more than 300 events that BASE represents. For brands interested in engaging the youth sports community, BASE can offer unique partnership packages for Arizona Spring Championship or other events in for 26 sports in more than 30 states.

BASE connects brands with the communities – moms, dads, coaches, athletes, college scouts, trainers, administrators, etc. – that make up the grassroots sports market. Managing the sponsorship rights of amateur sports organizations, BASE delivers unique and valuable experiences for brands, operators, and – most importantly – athletes.

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